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Universal Remote

ios1In these modern times the reasons for being frustrated by the remote control are almost as limitless as remote controls themselves.


Find the Right Remote Control (Buried under a Seat Cushion?)

Are The Batteries Still Working?

Find the Right Buttons

Find the Right Buttons with the Lights Dimmed

Hold the Remote Control the Right Way so the Commands Can Be Received


And all this comes after that perennial frustration of attempting to program a cheap ‘Universal Remote’s or there are fewer remote controls needing batteries and hiding the seat cushions.

After all those negative experiences it’s understandable that can only be remotely possible to eliminate these frustrations. Whether helping you select a truly Universal Remote or setting up your iPhone or iPad (Samsung another Androids as well) we have the experience.

Further whether a retrofit or new installation we know remotes beyond Home Theater. Lighting to temperature control as well as integrated with security systems.

We taking into account your desires, budget and the decor. That’s why you want to talk to us.

AAA Electronics offers wide range of custom programmable universal remotes from top brands like: RTI, URC, Remote Technologies, RedEye and more.

The Basics:

There are many choices of remotes available on the market today including hard button remotes, touch screen remotes or application based remotes for your tablet or smartphone devices.

Equipment can be hidden in any location at the house or business and will be connected to the base station with (IR) emitters for each device. Depend on base station model, more expensive units also able to control not only (IR) devices but also control relay’s and work with RS323 protocols. Base station receives commands  from remote over (RF) Radio frequency or (WI-Fi) your home wireless network and converts them to (IR) codes. Each equipment (IR) codes, remote graphics(depend on model) and macro steps  programmed by our stuff on computer software and downloaded to remote when finished. From that moment one touch will do the magic.

For consultation and options please contact AAA Electronics today.



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