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Yamaha Receivers

Yamaha Receivers

For over 100 years Yamaha (Japan) has grown to be the largest manufacturer of musical instruments as well as earning global respect in audio-visual, specialty metals and home appliances.

The firm gets some of in inspiration from the resort facilities it runs throughout the country to stay close to what enjoyment means in music. Since 1960, Yamaha Corporation of America also distributes to Canada with the Nexo Speakers.

To say Yamaha has an impressive line up would be an understatement.

Beyond Hi-Fi components, they have several choices. At the high end they have the Aventage series, first released in 2010. Some models offer 11.2 channel surround sound! It probably comes at no surprise that the user reviews are top notch. Yet among the dozen models, several in this top end line up are less than $700.

The RX-S is indicative of a different line up for Yamaha. It’s a 5.1 unit while the RX-V775WA is a 7.2 with wireless adapter. It is priced competitive with the higher end Aventage series.

If your looking to handle a smaller area, th HTR series starts under $300 yes has 5 channel surround. Audio decoding includes Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. Movie guys in Man Caves give this baby a thumbs up.

Currently standing alone in the TSR line up is the TSR-6750WA. A 7.2 AV receiver that features DSP 3D processing! Sure it has other goodies too like 4K video pass-through and connection to Apple iOS and Bluetooth and of course wi-fi.

It also features a independently powered Zone 2 for other rooms.

192kHz/24-bit DAC means clean processing and supports FLAC in addition to WAV playback.

There are other Yamaha goodies you may want to check out is the AV Controller App for both iOS and Android devices. Other specialty products include mini-systems and speakers.

Of course with it’s music background, you will find great Yamaha Sound bars and headphones in the line up.

The speaker line up is just as rich. Home speakers, in-wall/in-ceiling, great sub woofers and one of the rare high quality out door all weather speaker systems.

Los Angeles Yamaha Receivers Authorized Dealer

Yamaha’s commitment to quality extends to its distribution network. AAA Electronics is trained to understand and install Yamaha components.

The good news for those in the Greater LA area is we do the delivery and basic setup as part of the deal, free!

Yes, there are limitations such as we must stay in the Los Angeles area. Give us a shout out to let us know how we can serve you.

Yamaha Receivers Product Lines Information and Specs:

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