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SpeakerCraft, as a company, reminds me of a mushroom. Growing silently, under the ground (or under the RADAR in my case), for over 30 years.

Their first ‘huh’ product may well be the SpeakerCraft CS3 TV Speaker. In essence you have a 5.1 channel surround system that somehow, get compressed into a rock the house speaker system beatomg sound bars or  some true discreet speakers.

This is not their only rope trick. The have recently introduced the “Seamless Speaker System”. Yes, they even have a sub-woofer handling 250 W of power with a frequency range to 45 Hz to 250 Hz. At 45 Hz, you will certainly feel the bass more than hear it.

This works in conjunction with the Seamless FR1 which can be placed in ceilings, walls, etc. It can be hidden behind paint, plaster, wall paper and stucco. The frequency range begins a 60 Hz (still noticeable bass) all the way up to super-tweeter range of 22 kHtz.

SpeakerCraft is one of the few companies that make outdoor speakers both in a traditional look as well as the Ruckus camouflage speakers. The 10 Ruckus models all feature color-matched poly-resin enclosures. This means even if your Ruckus gets chipped, it will still look like a real rock due to maintaining the color.

While on the topic of outdoor speakers, SpeakerCraft is the only one I know that makes a real outdoor sub-woofer called the BoomTomb In-Ground Subwoofer.

The Vented Hooded Port SubWoofer has a dedicated external 250 watt amp. This should not be confused with the SpeakerCraft Ruckus Sub-Woofer which has ‘only’ an 8” woofer compared to the 10” of the BoomTomb.

Probably because SpeakerCraft has decades of doing custom speaker installs, they seem to have more in the bag of tricks for control than most firms. IR Emitters and Receivers, terminators, power supplies and kits, they have what it takes to do a whole house IR system.

All this talk about custom IR control naturally brings up the topic of AAA Electronics. If you happen to be lucky enough to live in the Greater LA area, AAA Electronics can setup your SpeakerCraft gear along with delivery, for free!

SpeakerCraft Dealers in Los Angeles

We are limited by some constraints such as you must be in the Greater LA area. There’s a few other things you should know as well. Perhaps the best way to find out what they are is to give us a shout out about your needs. Ping us now, so we can help you faster!

SpeakerCraft Product Lines:

Profile Speakers

Profile AIM8 Three
Profile CRS6 Three
Profile AIM8 DT One
Profile AIM Cinema Three
Profile Cinema Sub 10
Profile AccuFit CRS7 Three
Profile CRS5.2R
Profile AIM Cinema Five
Profile AIM7 MT Three
Profile CRS6 Two
Profile AIM8 DT Three
Profile AIM LCR 5 One
Profile AIM8 One
Profile AIM5 Three
Profile AIM 7 Five
Profile A6
Profile AIM 8 Two
Profile CRS8 Three
Profile AIM7 DT Three
Profile AIM LCR3 One
Profile AIM8 Five
Profile AIM 7 DT One
Profile AIM LCR5 Three
Profile AIM7 Three
Profile CRS8 Two
Profile AIM Cinema One
Profile AIM7 Two
Profile AIM5 One
Profile CRS8 One
Profile CRS6 One
Profile CRS3
Profile AIM LCR3 Three
Profile Aim LCR One

Architectural Speakers

AIM8 Five

AIM8 Three
AIM8 One
AIM7 Three
AIM8 Two
AIM7 Five
AIM7 Two
AIM5 Three
AIM5 One
AIM Wide Five
AIM Wide Three
AIM Wide One
AIM8 DT Three
AIM7 DT Three
CRS8 Zero
CRS8 Three
CRS8 Two
CRS8 One
CRS6 Three
CRS6 Two
CRS6 One
CRS6 Zero
CRS 5.2R
CRS 5.5R
CSS6 Three
CSS6 One
CSS6 DT Zero
DT8 Zero
DT6 Zero
Profile AccuFit CRS7 Three
AccuFit CRS7 Three
AccuFit CRS7 One
AccuFit DT7 Three
AccuFit DT7 One
AccuFit Ultra Slim Three
AccuFit Ultra Slim One
SC Pro Commercial 8
SC Pro Commercial 6
SC Pro Commercial Sub 8

Speakercraft CS3


8.2 BAS
Cinema Sub 12
Cinema Sub 10
Cinema Sub 12 System
Cinema Sub 10 System
Bass Power 250
AccuTune Box 12
AccuTune Box 10
V12 250 Watt
V10 120 Watt
V8 80 Watt
Roots 310 Subwoofer
Roots 208 Subwoofer

Outdoor Speakers

OE8 Three
OE8 One
OE6 Three
OE6 One
OE5 Three
OE5 One
OE DT6 One
OE DT5 One
Ruckus 8 One
Ruckus 6 One
Ruckus 5 One
Ruckus DT 6

Amplifiers and Receivers

BB1235 12-Channel Amplifier
BB1265 12-Channel Amplifier
BB835 8-Channel Amplifier
BB865 8-Channel Amplifier
BB2125 2-Channel Amplifier
BB275 2-Channel Amplifier
BB50-S 2-Channel Amplifier
Vital 850 Amplifier
Vital 1250 Amplifier


Roots Speakers

Roots 310 Subwoofer
Roots 208 Subwoofer
Roots Satellite 350
Roots Center Channel
Roots Satellite 450
Roots Satellite 650
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