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Surround Sound and Whole house audio sales and installation Los Angeles.

Surround Sound Installation Los Angeles

spOne of the easiest mistakes a person whose brain is visually oriented is to not pay attention to the audio portion of a home or business. Yes, some people’s brains are more attuned to video while other brains are more attuned to audio.

As commonplace as they are today, the reality is the speaker is really less than 100 years old. It took quite a bit of research into understanding electricity, magnetism and acoustics to invent what we call the modern speaker.

Certainly, a picture is worth 1000 words. And your home theater experience relies on more than great visuals. Quality audio is possibly more important than great video. Sometimes you just want to listen to music, no video required, perhaps because you are using your own visual memories.

In a great home theater experience great video is important. And yet you may use the audio portion even more. Surround sound when watching a movie becomes a ‘force multiplier’ whether enjoying a Hollywood movie or a live sports broadcast.

There are different surround sound standards specially created for Blu-ray versus broadcast as well as other mediums. Further complicating things is each home theater is unique in its layout and its budget.

The good news is all you have to do is tell us what your goals are and we do the rest.

We all love music, if it’s classical music that evokes emotion, jazz or rock, the most important goal for us to deliver the closest sound quality possible to original recording and thanks to our top brands partners we have a lot of compliments from most sophisticated audiophiles and it’s what important.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

•High-End Audio Systems

•Whole House Distributed Audio

•Audio Servers

•Outdoor Speakers

•Commercial Audio Systems

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