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High Definition Security Cameras Los Angeles. 1080P Security cameras and recorders.

HD Surveillance Cameras Installation Los Angeles

sony-snc-er580-dome-cameraIt is beyond the purpose of this entry to explain the technical ins and outs. Your take away is CCTV still does its original purpose of providing video evidence, alerting (and ideally mitigating) crime in home and business.

It is now moving into the realm of convenience and information, thanks to technology improvements and price points that have made it affordable for everyone.

CCTV Installation – Protecting Homes and Businesses

CCTV provides the utmost in security. With the ability to record video, it is possible to have a point-in-reference account of every activity that takes place within a dwelling. If a home falls victim to a robbery or a business is dealing with continual theft, CCTV installation may be able to remedy the issue. Not only will a complete video of the events be stored, but some installations also include the ability to record audio.

Security Camera Installation Options

As the premier security camera installers in Los Angeles, AAA Electronics has installed thousands of cameras for clients. While some clients do not want to hide their cameras, others will want to keep others oblivious to their existence. The following types are most commonly installed:

  • Dome Camera: These are easy to miss and do not give off the appearance of surveillance. They are easy to install and wiring techniques allow them to fit perfectly into a ceiling.
  • Bullet Camera: These are normally seen outside of businesses and are rather long. They are ideal for long-range viewing and are protected against the elements.
  • C-mount Camera: These cameras are more advanced and allow for lenses to be changes. This is ideal in the business world and is becoming the top security camera installed.
  • Day/Night Cameras: These cameras will work perfectly during the day and also work in low light environments. When illumination is minimal, these cameras will still be able to record video.

CCTV Installation Los Angeles

Depending on a person or business’ needs, they will be able to choose from a variety of different camera options. These cameras can be concealed from those being recorded or can be noticeable and act as a deterrent. In either case, AAA Electronics will be able to devise a solution that will allow a security camera installation to record and store data on various mediums, including computers and tapes. Other solutions even allow for video to be streamed over a dedicated private IP address for continual real-time monitoring.


AAA Electronics’ extensive experience and professionalism allows the integration of camera systems into most indoor and outdoor environments. Serving locations from schools and hospitals to parks, shopping centers, and private residences, Digital Video and Audio Recording systems provide exceptional security and peace of mind with remote monitoring on the internet and smartphone.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

•Full HD 1080P Cameras

•Ultra High Resolution IP Cameras

•Digital/Network/Analog Recorders

•Vandal/Weather Proof Cameras

•Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

•Heat Sensitive Cameras

•Spy Cameras

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