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Selected Brands of Audio and Video Entertainment Systems


25359411_sImagine an existence where you enter your home, after a long day at the office, and your favorite Miles Davis tune greets you at the door. You wave your hand over your audio/video system control to turn up the volume as you enter your kitchen and grab your favorite brew from the fridge. As you take your first sip, you notice the wife has prepped dinner for you and the kids and is treating herself to a yoga session on the big screen down the hall. You greet your little ones, enjoying their favorite animated flick in your home theater, and invite everyone to sit down to a family meal with classical music in the background. With your vision and our expertise, you can have this life you dream of!


Due to recent advances in technology, it’s now possible to put a world of audio and video control at your fingertips to control the music, video, and ambience in any room in your home! That said, it takes more than a dream to imagine, create, and assemble a quality audio/video system. Let our expert, professional team of designers, installers, and technicians walk you through the process of dreaming up your system to create a new reality for you and your family.


Let AAA Electronics Guide You


AAA Electronics offers the following advice for choosing a home theater or whole house A/V system that exceeds your high expectations:


Start with a plan: Together, let’s figure out if you’re in search of a simple “rack system,” a home theater room, or a whole-house automation system that controls lights, phones, and alarms as well as entertainment. Not sure what your desires are or what your home can handle? Ask! We our proud to help you plan and prepare to save you time and money while ensuring your completely satisfied with your system.


Know where to go: Once you’ve decided what type of service and installation is right for you, find the best retailer and installer. Ensure that the company is local so that follow-up visits are easily scheduled and trust your friends and neighbors if they can offer recommendations. AAA Electronics is proud to have a flawless reputation but feel free to “interview” different companies over the phone or in-person to get a feel for professionalism and expertise.


Talk Budget: AAA Electronics wants you to know that the lowest price is almost never the best deal. Use caution when making comparisons because, all too often, the lowest-cost dealer is selling you an inferior model or doesn’t offer delivery, installation, or after-sale services that, for many consumers, are of vital importance to their overall satisfaction. Also keep in mind that, when it comes to technology and the creation and installation of a custom audio/video system, you’ll get what you pay for. Pay for quality, professionalism, and exceptional customer service.


Demand Quality: The skill of the installer and the quality of products used have a profound impact on the quality of your finished system. Demand the highest quality in talent and tools to be used to create your dream A/V system.


AAA Electronics is proud to forge lifelong relationships with clients. We provide ongoing support and service, as requested, in order to ensure that customers are fully utilizing the audio/video systems of their dreams, getting the maximum value for their investment. Our discerning clients come back to refer us to loved ones and colleagues and to upgrade their systems when the mood strikes! Don’t wait, dream up your home audio/video system to make new family memories and live the life you desire, we can’t wait to help you make it happen!

Prior to installation services, one of our estimators will accommodate your schedule to measure your location, discuss project details and requirements, and take full note of your project expectations to ensure there are no surprises upon completion. An estimate  is e-mailed 48 hours after our initial visit at which time, your installation will be scheduled.




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