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Onkyo Receivers

Onkyo Receivers

Of all the Japanese Hi-Fi makers, Onkyo is a bit different. How many audio makers have a firmware page for keeping your hardware up to date?

In its history, it has worked with Toshiba and in 1998 created an audio board for the IBM PC. In 2001 they were the first home theater that was a 5.1 system compatible with Dolby Pro Logic II.

Onkyo was the first in 2006 to hook up with Intel and the Viiv technology.

Much of it innovation has been ‘Apple style’ (buy up the resources). Some of the more interesting business ventures include Gibson Guitar and Teac.

Home Theater Review .com handed a 2013 Best Of Award. No big surprise considering built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 4K Video pass-through Remote Control via iOS or Android, and more.

The video switching names your HDMI devices so you don’t have to remember what is what. The Phase Matching Bass optimizes low frequency bass. The TX-NR626 is a 7.2 Network AV Receiver.

Onkyo has other models, moving down to the TX-NR525 as well as the larger TX-NR727 and the TX-NR728. The latter model is pumping out 160 watts across all the channels! Yet on standby mode you’re looking at 0.1W of consumption. (It needs something to remember those 40 preset stations).

If you got an idea that Onkyo might be geared to the hobbyist that wants quality, your right. Consider Onkyo get a page at the Open Source Automation web site. Yup, your A/V Receiver will take and IP address and Network Port Number.

The line up is quite varied and they do have a Reference grade in 2 channel (stereo) audio. For some, money is secondary so they have a $1500 CD player and a $700 CD player in the Reference series.

New for Onkyo is a line up of in ear and on ear headphones. The majority of the line up pours out over 2014. The firm is paying attention to the details such as oxygen-free copper cable in the headphone cord. What else would you expect from Onkyo?

The answer to that might be free delivery and basic setup of your Onkyo purchase! We say, might be because we can only service the Greater LA area.

Onkyo Authorized Dealers in Los Angeles

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Onkyo Product Lines Information and Specs:

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