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NAD Makes AAA Electronics AND List

For the folks in the Greater Los Angeles area, AAA Electronics has simplified the dizzying choices you face selecting A/V and home entertainment/home automation offerings. We made it really simple by creating a short-list of only the best in a particular price point.

Then we made it super simple by offering free delivery and basic setup at no additional charge.

And NAD makes the list. The award winning firm has a simple philosophy. Put the money where it matters, not on flashing lights and enough knobs and sliders to compete with the International Space Station.

NAD offers everything from the Masters Series which has both wireless and wired receivers, amps and even the M52 Digital Music Vault. Unique to the firm is the ability to upgrade your gear by changing a single board. A classic example is the VM 100 HD. This lets you upgrade your older MCD A/V Receiver to HD video. In the process it supports real-time data, on-screen display (OSD) on HDMI, converts analog video to digital, HDMI repeater, De-interlace and more.

A nice way of ‘future-proofing’ your gear!

Certainly acknowledged that today, the turntable for vinyl is a niche product and NAD is one of a couple of the bands AAA Electronics has vetted to insure your sanctification. You can see NAD is serious about analog audio offering no less than three different phono preamplifier s (not counting the MDC add in modules).

The unique thinking at NAD becomes obvious when you look at the features. Consider something as ‘simple’ as the C446 ‘tuner’. It features the ability to tune in to Internet Streaming Audio along with AM/FM as well as DAB/DAB+.

The Analog nature of AM/FM can be decoded to SPDIF digital output as well as digital sources being played on analog output. It is also only 1 of 2 makers that feature an RS-232 port for integration with a Home Automation System!

NAD borrowed a trick from high-performance Personal Computer makers. They added a second high-voltage rail to their power supply, calling it PowerDrive. This gives your gear the juice it needs when hitting highly dynamic sounds (thunder, cannon shot), without distorting.

Just because they have the power to throw around, doesn’t mean they are wasteful. The current line up from NAD uses less than 0.5 Watts of power in standby. That is less then many Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) use.

There is no question that NAD is a serious contender. The question becomes, is NAD right for you? We’ll help you figure that out. Give us a shout now so we

NAD Electronics Product Lines:

A/V Receivers

Home Theatre Accessories

Hi-Fi Receivers

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