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Martin Logan Speakers

The Rare Air of Electrostatic Speakers

For really extraordinary sound, a laboriously created speaker is Unparalleled. Quoting the firm:

“Wherever possible, however, we go electrostatic. It is a special breed of speaker, capable of extraordinary, compellingly realistic reproduction. In certain crucial respects, good electrostatic loudspeakers are just better than anything else available.”

The issue they face is the creation of a strong electrostatic field is, difficult at best. Any tweeter must meet the opposing needs of being both as light as possible (The diaphragm of a MartinLogan electrostat is actually lighter than the air it moves.), while not needing to be stiff since the entire transducer is driven in a true dipole fashion across the entire transducer area.

Of course that brings up dispersion attributes to contend with. As well as other issues such as treble dispersion.

A number of reasons (which can be placed under the heading: Hard Work) is what makes Martin Logan the choice among electrostatic speakers. The short list includes: hybrid design, and Really High-Tech coatings to handle the thousands of volts of energy needed to create the electrostatic field.

The panels have a curve to solve the problem of getting the horizontal dispersion while limiting vertical dispersion where floor and/or ceiling reflections occur.

As they further state:

“We don’t claim that MartinLogan speakers are perfect – only that they are closer to perfection than any others that have ever been made.”

It is interesting to head to the archives and see their first product “Monolith” from 1983. I remember seeing them announced in an audiophile magazine. Even then, there was a battle for the very top end. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the competitor. I do remember they didn’t have the tech that MartinLogan had. So instead of using electrostatic speakers, they make ‘vales’ that we’re powered by tanks of compressed helium. As you can imagine, they we’re not hot sellers.

While some of us might be feeling ‘sticker shock’ when looking at a top of the line Reserve ESL CLX ART @ $25,500 USD a pair, the line extends to the Motion 2 @ $199. USD.

Los Angeles Martin Logan Hi End Speakers Dealers

The company also features its fantastic design work in the Architectural Series which AAA Electronics can install for you.

In fact, if you are in the Greater Los Angeles Area, we provide free delivery and basic setup! Certain limitations apply, so connect with us to find out how we can best serve you!

Martin Logan HiFi Speakers Product Lines Information and Specs:

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