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Lexicon Amplifiers

Lexicon is an American audio equipment manufacturing company founded in 1971. They are one of the world’s greatest manufacturers of home theater systems. Advanced technologies have made Lexicon the prime example of what home entertainment is supposed to be.  Many audio experts are already familiar with Lexicon, but just in case you aren’t. There’s a couple of things you should know about this company’s experience and position within the industry of audio equipment.

Since the beginning, Lexicon has provided the the ability to break sound barriers. The sound that is generated by Lexicon sound systems have provided both professional and consumer audio experts with unmatched satisfaction guaranteed. This is why many people have chosen Lexicon sound systems. In the 1990’s they released the Lexicon Studio and Core2. They were audio interfaces which can be expanded with a Lexicon reverb daughterboard that was able to be purchased with the recording software. HD recording was something that they had dominated in the past with, leaving competitors in the audio electronics industry in the dust.

When it comes to HD recording, Lexicon was a pioneer in the hard-disk recording market. They introduced the Opus system in 1988. It featured 8 channels of disk I/O along with an integrated 12 channel digital mixer. They upgraded their EQ an console automation for Opus. They specialize in audio equipment for reverb and effects, HD recording and electroacoustic enhancement. HD recording systems also can include provisions for digital mixing and processing of the audio signal. The band Pink Floyd used a PCM-70 to store the circular delay sounds during their tour in 1994. Lexicon continues to push the boundaries.

Lexicon has been at the fore-front of audio innovation. Since 1971, Lexicon has proven themselves to be a special audio brand. A brand that guarantees satisfaction to all consumers. They have been proving themselves since their first launch of the digital audio effects processor.

Another quality piece of equipment that was manufactured by Lexicon was the Logic 7. It can record and distribute multi-channel sound on two-channel media. The Lexicon Intelligent Variable Environment is a unique system that can transform any listening room into the perfect acoustic space. Logic 7 was recognized for generating a convincing sound-field from seven loudspeakers when presented with either a stereo or 5.1 input.

Still, this company continues to break boundaries and amaze both consumers and audio experts. From THX certified Blu-ray players to quality home theater systems, all audiophiles acknowledge Lexicon’s pivotal role in the digital revolution.

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