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The adage “You get what you pay for” lives for a reason. Looking for quality audio gear? AAA Electronics is an Authorized Dealer for quality name brands such as:
  • Bose
  • Paradigm
  • Anthem
  • Epson
  • Yamaha
  • Denon
  • Speakercraft
  • Phase Technology
  • Lexicon
  • and more..

What makes AAA Electronics the Right Choice in the Greater Los Angeles area is personalized attention, expertise and quality. Simply put, this is not something you can find from Big Box Store R US.

You got to haul them home and figure out how to set it all up. This is not as simple as just hooking up some cables. Quality audio products demand proper setup to get what you are paying for.

The human ear has some complex characteristics. This part of what the manufacturer has in mind when designing a quality offering. The other part of the deal is proper setup.

This is where AAA comes into play for the Greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.

Buying quality sound gear on the Internet has some major gotcha (s). These include:

Fake (imposter) products

Invalid warranty

Registration Issues

Sub optimal matching of gear to your unique needs

Get the warranty you deserve AND the sound you paid for! Without the hassle of dealing with it all yourself.

AAA Electronics is your professional, local company that offers  FREE* installation and DELIVERY for selected product lines in specific areas over greater Los Angeles County, we love and enjoy what we do!

More info, free estimates or questions click here.

FREE*  installation:

Please note we do not ship products direct to our clients or to any other place, zero exceptions. All products are available for purchase only with installation and delivery by AAA Electronics within the Greater LA area.

Click here to check free delivery and installation coverage areas.

  • The warranty covers equipment and wiring installed by AAA Electronics only
  • Wiring is always tested prior equipment connection
  • Your credit card will not be charged prior to verifying whether or not your order is in stock
  • Speakers weight more than 50 Lb. will require extra charge for delivery.

What products are eligible for free installation?


All floor standing and shelf speakers from the brands listed above eligible for FREE installation and delivery. Up to 10 Feet of 12 Gauge Speaker Wire is included per speaker.

All Subwoofers Includes Up to of 10 Foot Sub-woofer Cable.

In wall and/or In ceiling speakers are eligible only for pre-wired house/office by licensed contractor and with proper markings for each wire. Please note that in wall in ceiling speakers have different sizes and shapes, any modification or retrofit for speaker cutouts will incur an additional fee.

Amplifiers and Receivers includes basic setup, 2 sources connection and networking is included when speakers and network wiring present on location.  Detailed setup, sources connection (more than 2)  and calibration available for an additional fee.

Media Audio Streaming Devices:   All wireless music streaming devices are eligible for free installation, network connection and an app for your smart-phone is included.

Projectors: some models come with ceiling mount included. If not, we have great deals on wall or ceiling mounts, power outlet. At least one pre-wired HDMI port need to be present on location for projector to be eligible for free installation. Screen installation is available, just as for a quotation.

Here at AAA Electronics we glad to provide free quote for any sound or video project, standard and not standard, being general construction and C-7 company there is no project we can’t do.

For free estimates or inquires please call now.

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