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Focal Hi Fi Audio Dealers

Focal Hi Fidelity Loudspeakers

Jmlab wasn’t going to just let British Arcam run amok in the audiophile world, unchallenged. Since the early 1980’s the battle has raged. Their Grande Utopia speakers are well known for a clash of Titans and taking on KEF in the high end speaker arena.

As early as 2001, Focal took on Kef with the Inverted Dome Tweeter. A mere 5 years later, seeing the departure of the paper cone from Kef, the firm released the << K2 >> cone. They continued improvements with the Polyglass cone only 2 years later.

Realizing a war is really defined as a series of battles, trading blows, the “W” sandwich cone was shot across the Channel and heard around the world with the first Beryllium Tweeter in 2002.

Two more volleys we’re launched. In 2007 an aluminum-magnesium was released and still used in some of the line up. Finally the Flax membrane cone was launched as ‘next gen’ W cone in 2013.

Today the firm has grown in manufacturing area and added divisions to it offerings constituting: The Home line, the Car line, The Pro line, the Headphone line and most recently Integration line (PA systems).

Certainly Focal has considered aesthetics beyond the sound of science as revealed with its Dome design. This is also seen in the 3 Birds: Little Bird, Bird and Super Bird satellite speakers which are stand or wall mounted.

Typically a surround sound system uses subwoofers. Here Focal offers both stand alone Active Bass Reflex, a beautiful CUB 3 and the SUB AIR. The latter employs wireless technology.

Certainly worth a quick mention is the fact they also offer the SPIRIT CLASSIC Hi-Fi headphones so you can enjoy the latest Explosion Man movie for private entertainment.

One of the latest from Focal is the Easya. It is a wireless system that “hears” all your playback devices (including your computers) with a variety of inputs and sends your input source to the speakers.

Focal Hi Fi Audio Dealers in Los Angeles

AAA Electronics features Focal and Free delivery and setup in the Greater LA area. Yes, there is some conditions and these can and will vary with a number of factors. We are happy to check out your needs and figure out what works best for you. Just ask.

Focal Product Lines Information and Specs:

High Fidelity speakers


Grande Utopia EM

Stella Utopia EM

Maestro Utopia

Scala V2 Utopia

Viva Utopia

Diablo Utopia

Sub Utopia EM

Electra 1000 Be 2

Electra 1038 Be

Electra 1028 Be

Electra 1008 Be

Electra CC 1008 Be

Electra SR 1000 Be

Electra SW 1000 Be

Electra IW 1003 Be

Electra IW 1002 Be

Electra IW 1002

Electra IC 1002

ARIA 900

Aria 948

Aria 936

Aria 926

Aria 906

Aria CC 900


Chorus 836 V

Chorus 826 V

Chorus 816 V

Chorus 807 V

Chorus 806 V

Chorus CC 800 V

Chorus SR 800 V

Chorus SW 800 V


Chorus 836 V W

Chorus 826 V W

Chorus 816 V W

Chorus 807 V W

Chorus 806 V W

Chorus CC 800 V W

Chorus SW 800 V W


Chorus 726

Chorus 716

Chorus 714

Chorus 706

Chorus 705

Chorus CC 700

Chorus SR 700

Chorus S 700

Chorus IC 706 V

Chorus IW 706 V

Chorus IC 706 V ST

Chorus OD 706 V



Hub Easya

Home Cinema


5.1 Pack Dôme – 5 Dôme & Sub Air

5.1 Pack Dôme – 5 Dôme & Dôme Subwoofer

Dôme Pack 2.1

Dôme satellite

Dôme Pack 2.0

Dôme subwoofer


5.1 Pack Bird – 3 Super Bird 2 Bird & Sub Air

5.1 Pack Bird – 5 Bird & Sub Air

5.1 Pack Bird – 3 Super Bird 2 Bird & Cub3

5.1 Pack Bird – 5 Bird & Cub3

5.1 Pack Bird – 3 Bird 2 Little Bird & Cub3

5.1 Pack Bird – 5 Little Bird & Cub3

Little Bird Pack 2.1

Bird Pack 2.1

Super Bird Pack 2.1


Super Bird

Little Bird

Sib & Co

5.1 Pack Sib – 5 Sib & Sub Air

5.1 Pack Sib – 5 Sib & Cub3

Sib XL



Sub 300 P

Sub Air

Cub 3


Monitoring & Pro studio

Custom & Public Address

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