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Epson Projectors

Los Angeles Epson Projectors Authorized Dealer

Los Angeles Epson Projector authorized dealer and installer AAA Electronics provides top notch customer service and installation. Contact us today to learn more about Epson Projectors.

Epson Projectors

For Home Theater projectors you have 2 choices. Study like you we’re cramming for that final exam in college or get an Epson.

There are several ‘gotcha’s’ to keep in mind when looking a this category of home electronics. First, office or business use projectors are not the same thing.

The resolution in a home unit is much higher than an office unit. Some are 720 HD however Epson really amps up the game with full 1080p HD. In fact, the 2030 can even project 3D content!

The strength of Epson is they use LCD instead of the DLP giving you a picture that doesn’t require you turn down the lights. Further, models like the 2030 come with a not terrible speaker. It isn’t going to compete with something like a Bose setup, and it’s nice to have a serviceable speaker if you are taking it to someone else’s house for an evening.

Some buy Epson because their previous unit was from them and seeing it perform for greater than 10 years, realize they build with quality.

This should not come as a surprise if you look at the parent company. Epson is really Seiko Epson Corporation (セイコーエプソン株式会社).

Seiko really came into their own making the fabulous Seiko watches. Perhaps you never thought about it, and making a watch that is accurate and stays working is not task that can be taken lightly.

One of the reasons Seiko made such a hit was the price/performance ratio. This carries over into the Epson lineup as well.

While the Japanese firms are in a spirited battle with the companies in Korea, even Samsung doesn’t attempt to take on Epson with the exception of a really small pico projector. And Samsung’s one offering in the micro projector world uses LCD’s over DLP.

Currently, Epson has 15! different models to best fit your needs. Some incorporate wireless connectivity.  While Epson is globally, the #1 manufacturer for projectors, it is in the user reviews that they just clobber all other offerings.

You can do the research for yourself and discover both user satisfaction and price/performance are only 2 of the reasons Epson is the clear choice.

To sweeten the deal, AAA Electronics offers free setup of select models in the Greater LA area (some restrictions apply).

With us bringing the best to you and setting it up, it makes Epson and AAA Electronics the “I’m done thinking about it” choice.

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Epson Home Theater 1080P and 3D Projectors  Information and Specs:

Home Cinema 2000

Home Cinema 2030

Home Cinema 3020

Home Cinema 3020E

Home Cinema 5020UB

Home Cinema 5020UBe

Home Cinema 5030UB

Home Cinema 5030UBe

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