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Denon Receivers

Denon Receivers

100 Years Perusing Perfection

Denon’s competior in Japan, Yamaha, shares a psychology with Denon: Hire Music Lovers.

Hiro Ichikawa (Director) “At Denon, our more than 200 engineers are not just engineers. They are all lovers of music, and many of them are musicians as well. And yes, we specifically search for these music lovers in our recruitment programs. This has always been and essential requirement at Denon. Even when I joined almost 30 years ago, the love of music was an integral part of the company’s culture.”

To honor the 100th anniversary of Denon, the firm has created 7 unique products, each hand tuned and tested along with a certificate of authenticity. Reading the details of these beauties shows real attention to detail. (It appears that except for the headphones and turntable) each component has a cast iron footing for the ultimate in stabilization.

Speaking of turntables, did you realize Denon invented the Direct Drive turntable to the delight of radio stations near and far? Yes, they have a beautiful centennial edition for the lovers of vinyl.

While on the topic of the LP, Denon has an anniversary version of the DL-A100 phono cart with a mere 2.5 grams of tracking (and a 5 year warranty).

DCD-A100 will play any 5.25 “ optical media you may have with the exception of a DVD-RAM (which is used mostly in document storage not AV).

Unlike other makers with 24-bit DA’s Denon goes the extra mile with 32-Bit/192kHz DA’s/

Los Angeles Denon Authorized Dealer

Denon has done a release in both the USA and the EU. AAA Electronics is here with a happy shout out to the Greater LA area. We deliver and do a basic install of your Denon gear for Free when you use us as your Authorized Denon Dealer!

Yes, we have some restrictions on what we can do and not do. We cannot sell to you if you are not in the Greater LA area. And if you meet that condition, you are really in luck because you get our expertise as part of the Denon deal.

Each setup is as unique as an owners needs. If we’re in your area, why not contact us and let us know what you want to do. We’ve probably done something similar already.

Denon Audio Product Lines Information and Specs:





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