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Arcam High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) Audio Dealers

Arcam High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) Audio Dealers

It doesn’t take a leap of faith to accept the fact that most college students love music. So what do you do if you are a if you are a science or engineering student? In 1976 a few brain based students from the University of Cambridge got together over a few pints and create A&R Cambridge Ltd.

Later the name was changed to Arcam, the name the high end audiophile maker still uses today.

Unlike many other manufactures, much of their production remains in place in Cambridge. However things do change such as when they shortened the name in 1980.

They do share come common thoughts with competitors in their field, mostly having bragging rights of being the first to ‘get something done’. Clearly not wanting KEF speakers to be the only British pride of audiophile technology, their first product was an integrated amplifier known as the ARR Cambridge A60. Because of high end performance coupled with a sleek design it became a hit and is considered a classic to this day.

If you want a unit that is understated, look no further than the ARCAM Solo. In 2005 it was the first system to create a one box enclosure that was no larger than the typical CD player of the day.

The Solo series included the possibility of an iPod dock (IrDock), the Ir meaning you could put the dock in a convenient area that would communicate with the main unit using invisible light.

Today, the Solo line up has the Neo and Mini. Some really like the Mini for its ability to handle both CD/CD-R along with MP3, FLAC and WMA (Windows Media Audio) formats in a small size that leaves larger sized units in the dust.

Another popular choice is the Solo neo with its included FM tuner – which includes a variety of formats such as found in Internet radio. Naturally, being Arcam, it has both wired and wireless Ethernet connections for Internet radio and a USB port for your thumb drive containing your favorite mixes.

To complete the Solo line up you have to check out their loudspeakers and perhaps their speaker stands and/or brackets.

To assist in the almost invisible install look no further than the rSeries of wireless and wired DACs (Digital Analog Converters) which include Bluetooth and SPDIF.

It’s a little know fact that the Phillips contribution of high fidelity to Blue Tooth also came from Cambridge. We know this because we had a few pints with the lead engineer, Lyndon who still lives in this amazing city.

Arcam Dealers in Los Angeles

Knowing how hard these chaps work, we can promise Arcam belongs on your short list when you ask AAA Electronics about Free delivery and setup! We cannot promise the world, as we only give world-class service in the Greater Los Angeles, California area. Give as shout to found out more!

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