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Anthony Gallo Speakers

Anthony Gallo Speakers

The Look Is Cloned – The Sound Is Not

Certainly Anthony Gallo speakers are not something you will find everywhere. So a fair question is why did AAA Electronics put Anthony Gallo on the Short-List of quality products?

The answer can be found here: . Going back to 2004 (That’s 10 years) the firm has been winning awards with it Reference Series along with A’DIVA and the Classico.

Both the Reference Series and Classico added to the awards list 2013 awards, and look for more in 2014.

In the Reference Series we have three models to choose from. And the same can be said for its Classico series with the CL-1, CL2 and CL-C.

If the Reference series a a bit much you can find floor standing models in the Classico as CL3 and CL-4.

The 4 satellite speakers founded the spherical speaker design. Imitated and never duplicated due to the firms patented technology.

In the Classico line up you will find both a 10” and a 12” subwoofer as well at two ‘coffee can’ style sub-woofers the TR-1D and the TR-3D.

For surround sound, begin the journey with 2 of the 5.1 Micro offerings or 2 from the A’DIVA 5.1 systems. Get even larger with 3 possibles in the Strada line up before looking at a Classico system.

Anthony Gallo Audio Speakers Authorized Dealer

Of course AAA Electronics uses all the needed accessories for wall and/or ceiling mounting. Keep in mind that AAA Electronics offers free delivery along with no-charge basic setup in Los Angeles, CA. Sure we have some conditions in the free bundle and the best way to find out if we’re a good fit is to give a shout out to us.

You won’t even need the Anthony Gallo Reference AS Amp to do so. But you may want to get one from us!

One of the most amazing features of Anthony Gallo Acoustics is the power efficiency. The patented S2 technology means speakers can ‘talk to you’ with as little as 5 Watts of power.

In fact a Nucleus Micro setup can handle a room up-to about 16×18′!

We think Anthony Gallo makes wonderful stuff. The question becomes. “Is it right for you?”

Hook up with AAA Electronics now to find out more about Anthony Gallo and other fantastic products.

Anthony Gallo Product Lines Information and Specifications:

Reference Speakers

Reference 3.5 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

Reference Strada 2 Center Speaker Bundle

Reference Strada 2 Side Speaker Bundle

Mini Monitor Speakers

Classico CL-1 Loudspeaker

Classico CL-2 Loudspeaker

Classico CL-C Loudspeaker

Floor Standing Speakers

Classico CL-3 Loudspeaker

Classico CL-4 Loudspeaker

Satellite Speakers


A’Diva Loudspeaker

A’Diva SE Loudspeaker

Nucleus Micro SE Loudspeaker

Subwoofers & Amplifiers

TR-1d Subwoofer

TR-3d Subwoofer

Reference SA Amp

Classico CL-S 10″ Subwoofer

Classico CL-S 12″ Subwoofer

Home Theater

5.1 Micro System

5.1 Micro SE System

A’Diva 5.1 System

A’Diva SE 5.1 System

Strada 2 HT System 1

Strada 2 HT System 2

Strada 2 HT System 3

Classico HT System 1

Classico HT System 2

Classico HT System 3

Classico HT System 4

Classico HT System 5


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