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Anthem Amplifiers



Anthem Amps Carry Serious Connectors

Several items make it clear, Anthem is serious. First, lets look at their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The firm offers XLR connectors on its amps and preamps.

Why an XLR?

It is a balanced connection for canceling out certain types of interference and ground loops. Originally used for Microphones, it it the cleanest way to move a signal, bar none in the electrical world.

The more typical RCA connectors are ok for 3-6 feet (1-2 meters), as long as you don’t run the cable near an AC power cord. Probably the best choice is to us an Optical TOS cable which avoids ground loops from the get go.

Running down the FAQ, it becomes clear that Anthem is targeting a client that wouldn’t walk into a Big Box Store for sound. And it is equally clear you might need to be a bit technical to fully enjoy Anthem. Actually, you can strike that last sentence. AAA Electronics is Your Specialist so you don’t have to be!

Anthem Amplifiers Dealers in Los Angeles, California

If you are lucky enough to live in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area, AAA Electronics offers Free Delivery and basic setup!

Some of the Anthem product offering are quite unique! The D2v 3D really Pushed the boundaries! Ready for 3D video it features 8 HDMI inputs and 2 Parallel HDMI output.

From the basics to advanced DE-interlacing algorithms this unit has it all. Inputs go beyond HDMI. Add S-video, composite video, component video. Audio as mentioned can be RCA, XLR, as well as Coaxial or optical TOS. Yes, there are connectors for both powering IR receivers and IR emitters. They even have 3 different 12 V (DC) external triggers!

An area that Anthem stands alone is with ARC (Anthem Room Correction). It gets very technical quickly and lets get to what it means to you.

The ARC system analyzes up to 7 speakers (uniquely) plus the subwoofer. Instead of sampling one ‘sweet spot’, they suggest sampling a minimum of 5 spots to deal with standing waves. Using twin DSP’s (Digital Signal Processors) with each rated for 150 million instructions per second, connected to a 64-bit floating point processor can be controlled fully automagic or manual mode.

Anthem is one of the few creators that offer firmware updates to both current and archived products.

Their product lineup is quite impressive. Give AAA Electronics a shout out to help you sort out what you need! Free delivery and basic setup is part of the deal for those in the Los Angeles area.

Anthem Amplifiers Product Lines Information and Specs:

A/V Processor

D2v 3D

AVM 50v 3D

A/V Receiver

MRX 710

MRX 510

MRX 310







Integrated Amp

Integrated 225

Monaural Amplifiers

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