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The very compact size of mini stereo amplifier can be used be connected to the headphone jack of any Walkman, a CD player, tape deck, a turntable, and a tuner. Mini stereo amplifier has two low-voltage power amplifiers and provides up to 15 W of music power to each channel. The set mini stereo amplifier includes a stereo cable and a battery holder. Mini stereo amplifier is compact, but yet it offers many of the same features as a larger amplifier offers. The mini stereo amplifier includes three sets of input jacks that let you connect up to three separate sound sources. The mini stereo amplifier also has a front panel that lets you to quickly connect a portable CD player or tape player.
Description of Mini Stereo Amplifier

* This mini stereo power amplifier provides up to 15 W of power on each channel at 4 ohms.

* Connect your inputs to the mini stereo amplifier using the RCA jacks.

* Outputs of mini stereo amplifier over standard speaker push jacks.

* It’s compatible with all sorts of audio or computer device that even lets you to connect an ipod.

* Mini stereo amplifier’s master volume control that runs on 110 to 220 V on the front lets you to adjust the gain.

* The small size of mini stereo amplifier is considered ideal for unconventional or space-limited applications.

* Mini stereo amplifier is suitable for multi-room / multi-zone installations, PC audio, bedroom or den stereo systems.

* The trendy and wonderful design of mini stereo amplifier is truly a custom installation problem solver.

Set up mini stereo amplifier

Set up mini stereo amplifier is very easy and is consists of some simple steps which are below:

* Connect your stereo with the source

* Connect either one or both the speakers to the stereo

* Now power up the stereo for usage

How to Avail Mini Stereo Amplifier?

If you are interested to have a mini stereo amplifier but you don’t want to move around due to any reason then getting this valuable product through online stores is the best solution. All you have to do is to browse your internet explorer for the intended quality mini stereo amplifier. There are many reliable websites that provide this product. Go for the sites that provide mini stereo amplifier with reasonable price and return policyMini Stereo Amplifier

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