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The guitar tube amplifier is a stereo amplifier that plugs you into instant audio entertainment. The small and compact size of guitar tube amplifier can handle all types of electronic instruments and audio devices and it can be used anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is set up guitar tube amplifier and connect microphones, electric and acoustic guitars, drum machines, MP3 players and keyboards and have a great fun and sound up to 15 hours.
Enjoy Full Sound with Small Size of Guitar Tube Amplifier

The small size of Guitar Tube Amplifier is no larger than a briefcase. The compact sized Guitar Tube Amplifier is a traveler’s dream. The battery-powered Guitar Tube Amplifier can be operated anywhere and anytime just plug in, turn on, and jam for hours. Guitar Tube Amplifier has two high-performance speakers that provide stereo sound that would define it more than its physical size. Guitar Tube Amplifier has a built in stereo effects that offers high-quality stereo reverb and chorus effects. Now you can sweeten your vocals or can add fire to your guitar tone in a rich stereo sound field. Guitar Tube Amplifier has another feature that is known as Center Cancel. This is used for minimizing vocals in pre-recorded music. This feature of Guitar Tube Amplifier is just great for karaoke and play-along performance.
Guitar Tube Amplifier Welcome All Instruments

Thanks to Guitar Tube Amplifier variety of inputs which accommodates microphones, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, MP3 players, and many other instruments. Guitar Tube Amplifier of this size has a stereo input port. Guitar Tube Amplifier can be used as a practice amplifier at home and as well as outside. Guitar Tube Amplifier is an amplifier that is great for parties, vocal lessons, and karaoke and as a monitor speaker or micro PA.
Description of Guitar Tube Amplifier

Although product description of Guitar Tube Amplifier is different for different models available but some of the common features are as follows:

* The distortion-canceling circuit of Guitar Tube Amplifier is great for high-accuracy of sound

* Guitar Tube Amplifier allows 4-ohm capability which is used with a wide range of speakers

* Guitar Tube Amplifier has a front-panel switching for 2 the two speakers which allows connection of either both or one of the speakers

* The main advantage of Guitar Tube Amplifier is that it is free of lead and other environmentally dangerous substances

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