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The user for video security surveillance system has run a variety of options, the front camera to capture what is sent to a video alarm monitoring alarm center or indoor exception information can be found remote access to video streaming. Issued a distress signal, whether active or intelligent systems to monitor anomalies; from basic monitoring to intelligent recognition and alarm monitoring system, remote video facilities protection is now the general trend is moving toward maturity.
Record and review modes
This monitoring mode is the most basic control system model is the most common mode on the court. Video surveillance system to extract some back-end storage device for later playback video information, it only allows the user to see what happened afterwards. The advantage is that the user can see what happened in the past, we can restore the crime scene video; disadvantage is that this approach is that it does have “after” sex. Even if the suspect can be distinguished by recording video, it may not find them. In addition, the damage is already done.
The key consideration is the storage location of the video recording, and how in times of need as the first time to look at the video; Also of concern is the recording quality. If the shooting is at a very low frame rate and / or resolution to do, the video quality may not be sufficient for identification purposes. High frame rate and resolution requires more storage. Another consideration is that if the video is in a single central location, such as stored on the hard disk video recorder security office, there is now a single point of failure. If the device is stopped to stop recording; if someone intentionally damaged or deleted recording equipment, all of the video will be lost.
On-site surveillance cameras
Video surveillance  equipment will be monitored by the target image on the view matrix, when we find that target is detected occurrence of dangerous or suspicious persons around the first time when we can respond to protect the personal safety.
The disadvantage of this approach is the high cost and low reliability. One by the U.S. Sandia National Laboratory, has often been quoted as saying, professional regulators, only 20 minutes of focusing on the monitoring screen, so 7 * 24 hours of labor coupled with external device monitoring Monitoring is very unsatisfactory. Most small to medium size businesses can not have their own “real time” video surveillance staff.
Remote video monitoring
This approach allows the facility can be one at any given time from a remote location monitoring. To do this, the video streaming on the Internet or through some other method of broadband communications arrived at the designated location, from the remote protection facilities themselves. This does not mean remote monitoring site is just one thing to achieve on-site real-time monitoring, data transfer will need to move to a remote location is usually achieved through a large number of the Internet.
Self-monitoring of video alert
When certain events occur, such as the person entering the restricted area there, so that the video surveillance system will be programmed to have the ability to type an e-mail notice sent to his designated departments, users may think that by having notifications sent directly to these events them, they can actively, and the preservation of such a camera to monitor their costs; and there are some people to monitor, to make their video surveillance system smart phone applications. On the surface, this seems to be a cost-effective solution, as a tool for proactive video surveillance security system.
Users must also consider the drawbacks of self-monitoring: infrastructure stability and technical problems. Automatic alarm system is currently facing the biggest problem is the false alarm problem, more than alarm sensing devices are too sensitive, false positive rate is relatively high; automatic alarm device on the video monitor image quality requirements are very high, so the equipment requirements and technical management also need some price.
If the monitoring facility is not important, or the low value of the goods to be protected, this may be a reasonable option. However, the possibility of missing the alarm, coupled with the user inconvenience to make it a really bad choice of security.
Professional remote video monitoring
A remote video surveillance and better option is to use a professional monitoring facilities. Using this method, the number of users to provide what is “remote security.” This notification is sent to the video by trained operators who can identify whether a real threat does exist, and equipped with necessary facilities to respond. They may need to contact the on-site security, notify the local authorities (police, fire), so the audio effects to the affected areas said, calling facility owner, or perform other necessary actions to help end the threat and reduce potential losses.
The center has a professional monitoring can connect to and view live video camera has the advantage that the operator can witness the real-time activities, provide valuable information, such as the manner in which the perpetrators or the vehicles and that they left the scene. If the video surveillance system including remote PTZ camera operator can reposition the camera to follow.
Professional video surveillance facility itself is designed for this purpose. At the time of their operation in the construction, they combine in the event of a disaster even if the technology to ensure reliability and continuous operation. Some even have a fully operational and is located in a remote disaster recovery site can be a major facility in the event is closed for any reason to use.
Typically, a complete video surveillance source is stored in the customer’s site, but the specific video and clips in the customer’s site activities will be recorded and stored in a secure location monitoring center, in some cases, as long as six months of storage. The advantage is that even in the customer’s plant is damaged or stolen local video installation, valuable video security threats related to remain available because it has been protected off the field.
In short, the user’s video surveillance system investments, but may be significant for remote monitoring center guarding the use of leverage by a professional. In some cases, users will find, remote video monitoring can eliminate the need for site security, especially in cases where the physical location (remote structures, such as base stations, pumping stations, etc.), so Jingwei regular visits or not to cut full-time security guard practical. In other cases, remote guarding can complement and enhance the number of guards needed to reduce the on-site security to use. Users find that they can re-deploy more effective use of these guards, they can quickly guide the use of video surveillance to improve their threat to the exact location of guard response time.


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